The SCI Construction Group relocates offices to Long Island City

Move provides speedier access to customers, trades and job sites.

The SCI Construction Group recently announced it has relocated its headquarters from Long Island’s South Shore to Long Island City in Queens, New York. The company has been providing commercial construction services within the Northeast, specifically New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for over 25 years.

Long Island City is considered by many to be an up-and-coming business community, as well as the largest manufacturing center in New York City. The move offers SCI and its employees enhanced proximity to customers, trades and job sites, with offices right outside of Manhattan and convenient to subway systems and the Long Island Railroad. The 7,000-square foot space also features a warehouse to hold building materials for current jobs, as well as spare parts for on-going facility maintenance.

Remarked Chris Catalano, President, The SCI Construction Group, “Our move to Long Island City underscores SCI’s “customer-first” approach. It’s a highly-centralized location that offers us faster access to our customers—and they to us. Our facility maintenance clients, in particular, can benefit from quicker turnaround thanks to our conveniently located spare parts warehouse.”

In addition, in its new Long Island City facility, SCI now utilizes Procore, the premier project management software for construction managers, architects and engineers. Procore improves the build process through a variety of tools and data collection and provides SCI’s customers with complete and continuous visibility into all aspects of their particular project, from start to finish.

Concluded Mr. Catalano, “In our business, not only do people need things done ‘now,’ they need to feel comfortable with the entire process. Moving to Long Island City delivers the expedience we need to serve our customers better, reduce our travel costs, and provide more competitive bidding. What’s more, the addition of Procore software gives our clients a very accessible, hands-on tool so they can better monitor their job’s progress.”

The SCI Construction Group’s Long Island City location is at 26-16 Skillman Avenue. They also operate an office in Pennsylvania at 1600 Market Street in Philadelphia.

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