The SCI Construction Group promotes Steve Kump

Industry veteran is appointed Director of Operations.

The SCI Construction Group, which provides commercial construction services in New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has promoted Steve Kump to Director of Operations. This position streamlines the day-to-day management of the firm’s expanding geographic footprint.

Steve has worked in the construction industry for more than 15 years, starting his career as a field carpenter on Long Island where he worked on both commercial and residential construction sites. He progressed to field supervisor overseeing the expansion of the 900,000-square foot Kmart Distribution Center in Pennsylvania.

As a field construction crew member, Steve also renovated and restructured parks and athletic fields within New York City. In addition, he has worked on a number of environmentally-sensitive projects, in particular the removal and installation of fuel oil tanks. Most recently, Steve served as Senior Project Manager at The SCI Construction Group where, working alongside architects, engineers and facilities managers, he prepared estimates and proposals for such big-brand clients as TD Bank, Chase, Bank of America, Kmart/Sears, Macys, AIG and Radio City Music Hall.

In his new role as Director of Operations, Steve will provide project leadership and oversight for all of SCI’s construction activity, ensuring that projects are executed on time and on budget. This includes supervision of scheduling, estimating, and quality control standards.

In addition to his comprehensive construction expertise and experience, Steve’s knowledge and perspective is complemented by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management from Farmingdale State University of New York.

Commented Chris Catalano, President, The SCI Construction Group, “Steve brings exceptional value to his position, understanding the nature as well as the nuances of every project. He literally started from the ground up, and has acquired not only hands-on experience, but a strong management and communications skillset. He’s a recognized and trusted partner for our clients, who join me in congratulating him in this new role.”

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